Recipe of Brown-Rice Yogurt !!

I delightfully upload how to make marvelous Brown-Rice Yogurt here. The recipe serves 4 people.

1. Put four cups (*1) of brown rice (*2) into a clean container, and add pure filtered or spring water (*3) to cover it.

2. Change the water twice a day, morning and evening. Rince 1-2 times or more if the water is cloudy (*4). It doesn't have to be completely clear but not milky.

3. Soak in water for about four to five days (*5). You will smell  "fresh rice" and pleasant sour like yogurt when changing the water. 

Some of brown rices are sprouted, which indicates fresh and live rices!
It is an impressing time that the brown rice is still ALIVE !!

4. Place the brown rice and fresh water into a powerful blender container (Vitamix or Blendtec) (*6).  It is better to fill water to 40 oz marked one side in the container. (I always get good taste by this condition after a day culture.)

5. Blend about 70 seconds at high speed until smooth and creamy. 

6. Incubate it at room temperature overnight. 

7. Enjoy your Brown-Rice Yogort!  I keep at room temperature for eating it for the same day. You can also save it in a refrigerator for long-time storage. 

Enjoy the Brown-Rice Yogurt !!
Brown rice yogurt is almost successful ( ≥ 90 %) to make. I can now make by ≥ 99 % of successful retio after one-year experience, because I found some troubleshooting as well (below).

Although ordinary yogurt needs adding lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus), Brown-Rice Yogurt uses natural lactobacillus attached on the surface of brown rice so that we don’t need to add starter of lactobacillus to make this Brown-Rice Yogurt. This is really good point of this yogurt!   This fermented food is made from its own lactobacillus. It just needs WATER only

[ Troubleshooting ]
The cause of failure is mainly the following two:
  • The brown rice is poor quality. (No lactobacillus by pesticide or Old brown rice).
  • Water is poor quality.  [ Chlorine and fluoride in the water (especially in the tapwater in the USA), lactobacillus is killed. ]
  • The container is dirty.

If it smells of various germs during changing water (smells bad or smells yeast fungus), I recommend to add any of the following:
  • slice ginger and add the several pieces. 
  • add commercial (organic) soybean yogurt (a teaspoon)
  • add a teaspoon of kefir

[ Notes ]
*1  one cup = 5.4 oz = 160 mL 
*2  I recommend organic brown rice in which Nijiya sells three brands (Koshihikari, Akitakomathi or Nijiya brands)
*3 Don’t use tap water. Use spring water or filtered water at least. My home uses reverse osmosis water.
*4. Why do you need changing water? I think good bacteria needs oxgen in water. The good bacteria like oxgen to grow. Without changing water, bad bacteria may increase in number and it smells bad. When it is going well, there will be the scent of fresh brown rice. 
*5. Approximately four days in summer, and in winter it is approximately five days. The temperature of the room will influence the increase the good bacteria.
*6. I am using Vitamix ( https://www.vitamix.com ). You can also use Blendtec ( http://www.blendtec.com )

Enjoy your healthy life!

Version 2015.07.12 (Notes #6 was added.)

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